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About Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a cloud service that translates between 45+ languages. In addition to powering Bing translation for Search, Bing Bar and Bing.com/translator, it powers translations in Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Yammer, Skype Translator, Internet Explorer and many others.

Microsoft Translator uses an automatic translation engine that employs machine learning to generate statistical translation models. Learn more about how automatic translation works.

What languages are supported by Microsoft Translator?

Microsoft Translator currently supports the following languages:

Chinese Simplified
Klingon (pIqaD)
Chinese Traditional
Haitian Creole
Hmong Daw
Norwegian Bokmål

What languages will be supported in the future?

Microsoft Translator periodically adds new languages based on demand for the language and the quality of the language translation. Microsoft Translator requires a significant amount of high-quality translation text, typically 1+ million words, to build a translation system for the language.

If you would like to see support for a particular language, write to us on the forum.

Microsoft Translator for Businesses

Microsoft Translator supports a wide range of products and services to help businesses meet their translation needs. For information on Microsoft Translator for businesses, go to the Microsoft Translator website at www.microsoft.com/translator.

Translating text using Translator

  • Enter the text you want to translate in the box on the left
  • Verify that the language of your content is correct. If the auto-detected source language is incorrect, change it using the language drop-down.
  • Choose the language you want to translate to on the right.
The translated text will appear in the box on the right.

Additional features to help you better understand the translation:
  • Speak: Press the Speak button below the target or source language boxes to hear the text spoken aloud.
  • Search: The search button allows you to search for the translated text on the web using Bing.com
  • Word alignment: You can check the translation of individual words within a string of text. Hover over a word in the source or target language box, and the corresponding word in the opposite language will be highlighted.

Translating webpages using Translator

  • Enter the URL of the site you want to translate in the box on the left.
  • Choose the language you want to translate to on the right.
  • Press the “Translate” button.
  • Click on the new link that appears in the box on the right.
The translated webpage will open up as a new tab in your browser.

Translating documents

You cannot directly translate a document on Bing.com/translator, but can use the translation features in Microsoft Word to translate .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf files. To translate a document in Word
  • Open up the file in Microsoft Word
  • Click on the 'Review' tab in the ribbon on the top of the screen
  • Click on the “Translate” button in the “Review”
The translated document will open up as a new tab in your browser using an http (unsecured) connection. To learn about all of the translation features in Microsoft Word, watch this quick tutorial (English only).

Translating webpages using the Translator bookmarklet and Internet Explorer plugins

To translate any page while you surf the web, you can install the Translator bookmarklet. The bookmarklet is supported on all major browsers.
If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or above, you can also use the Translator Accelerator to translate a webpage.

You can also install the Bing Bar to translate webpages with Internet Explorer.

Feedback for incorrect translations

Results from automatic translation are not as reliable as human translations. Additional information from you will help us improve future translations. To report a translation that is incorrect, press the thumbs down button under the translation.

It is also useful to let us know when the translation is good. When you see a correct translation, be sure to click the thumbs up button!

Incorrect auto-detected languages

When the source language is set to "Auto-Detect", Translator attempts to determine the language of your content automatically. In short texts, there is sometimes not enough information to detect the correct language. In that case please choose the source language manually.

I am not able to translate some webpages

To protect your privacy, Translator does not translate https sites and sites that require login information. Some sites explicitly prevent being run within viewers like Microsoft Translator.

Incorporating Microsoft translator on your blog

To make your blog accessible to a worldwide audience, you can easily add Microsoft Translator to sites hosted on many of the world’s most popular blogging platforms. To add Microsoft Translator to a WordPress.org powered site, use the WordPress plugin . If your blog is hosted on a platform such as Blogger , Tumblr, or Weebly, use the Translator Web Widget.

Incorporating Microsoft translator on your website

You can use Microsoft Translator directly on your webpage by using the Web Widget or the Microsoft Translator API. The Widget can be applied quickly and easily by non-developers just by adding a code snippet found here.

By using the Microsoft Translator API natively or through third parties tools, developers can fully customize the translation user interface in web pages and apps. More information about the Translator API can be found on the Microsoft Translator website.

You can use the Collaborative Translations Framework to allow your user community to improve page translations with the Widget or the Translator API.

Using Skype Translator

Skype Translator enables video, audio and text conversations across languages. The Skype Translator Preview is available via limited beta invitations. You can register for the preview at www.skype.com/translator

Windows and Windows Phone Translator apps

You can translate using the same powerful Translator service directly using the Windows and Windows Phone apps. The apps feature any-to-any language translation, camera mode, speech to text (and text to speech), and offline language packs that let you use the app when your device is not connected to the internet.

Some of these translation features are also available on the Bing Search app for iOS and Android.

More questions

For additional questions about Translator, please submit it to our forum or contact us here.